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A financial and corporate law firm. Our partners have individually enjoyed varied corporate experience including experience in audit firms and financial institutions. We have also built a blend of expertise out of some of the complex and ground breaking assignments that we have handled over the years. Our lawyers have thus become multi-specialists equipped to handle a broad range of legal matters in finance and business. We leverage upon our experience and industry knowledge to provide our clients with advice that is practical and sensitive to their needs.

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If you wish to move mountains
tomorrow, you must start by
lifting stones today

--African Proverb

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We take time to study and appreciate your business and the industry in which you operate. We are committed to analyzing and understanding them just as well as you do. This represents our dedication to accurately diagnose your legal and business needs, and to be your trusted, reliable inside adviser and counselor.
We also propose to meet all our corporate clients’ senior management at least once a year to appraise our performance. We will however, regularly seek your opinion on how we are handling your instructions and views on how we can do better. We will listen to your responses and feedback to improve on our performance and position ourselves to exceed your expectations in future.
Our team is comprised of former employees of some of Uganda’s leading and most accomplished legal and audit institutions. Their training and professional experience in these institutions allowed them to participate in the solving of complex legal issues; participate in contentious litigation proceedings at all tiers of our Court system; serve as Government Consultants on various government and donor funded projects; provide legal advice to several Government regulatory authorities; etc. Our team has therefore been adequately exposed to the operation and practice of the law, and acquired the requisite skill and experience to be a competent and reliable source of accurate legal advice.
We undertake to employ a mode of work by which you get accurate and commercially prudent legal advice free of monetary extravagance. As a partner in your business, we have an obligation to give you the best value for your money.

Knowledge without wisdom is like water in the sand

African Proverb

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